The secret of the Christian life is in its impossibility. #sentencesermons


Jesus talks about the unfinished tower syndrome in Luke 14.

He says: Suppose you want to a build tower, won’t you figure out if you have enough to do it before you start it? Because if you don’t, then there’s a bunch of unfinished towers all around the city making it look kinda pathetic.

Where in your life did you start a mission for God, but built half the tower and quit? 

When did you begin to unravel and lay out a dream that God put in your heart, but some where along the line got sidetracked and built half a tower and quit?

Who in your life did you begin investing in, pouring into, helping, loving, then it got hard, you built half the tower and quit? Where has you commitment to the cost lacked?

Luke 14:28 Sit down and estimate the cost before you launch the building project. Simple truth, hard to activate.

This passage is saying, make sure you know what it takes to be a disciple. Make sure you understand the implications. Because in a world full of limitless options and the temptation to commit to nothing, Jesus calls for a life of commitment.

The deeper meaning of estimating the cost in this parable is that, as we count up the numbers, as we figure the sacrifices we realize, without a doubt, it will be more than we have.

To build a life completely sold out to the Kingdom of God, to be a disciple of Christ, it will take MORE than we have to give. It will cost MORE than we will ever earn. It will require MORE than we could ever give emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually.

The beauty in fact of counting the cost is that we, on our own, will NEVER have what it takes. On our own, the terrain of our life will be full of unfinished towers. People we failed, projects we abandoned, kingdom purposes that required too much sacrifice.

Jesus is saying here, discipleship isn’t mustering up our own resources to have what it takes. Discipleship isn’t trying as hard we can and in our own incredible talents and wisdom we get ‘er done.

The secret of the Christian life is in its impossibility. It was never meant to be lived on our own wisdom or power. 

Don’t be discouraged by your unfinished towers in your life- be motivated by them. Be driven by them. Get to Jesus and ask Him for whatever it takes that you’re lacking on your own to help finish that tower. Because the Lord is present, there is no limit to the miraculous interventions of His power.

When we offer our commitment to Him, He will supply the rest. He calls for a commitment to the cost. On no uncertain terms, Jesus asks us for a deep commitment to him ….and to each other.


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