God always hears our cry. #sentencesermons


jude-beck-222790.jpgEgypt, the super power of the day, was ruled by Pharaoh. Pharaoh responded to the growing number of Israelites in the country by forcing them into slavery. They had to work every day without a break, making bricks, building storehouses to Pharaoh. Day in and day out. All day long. What a terrible existence.

The Israelites are oppressed, they’re in misery, they’re suffering, and they’re crying out to God..we want to go home. Something isn’t right with our situation.

God, because of who He is, at the core, hears their cry. We have a God who always hears our cry.

You see God saying in the scripture:
 I’ve seen the misery of my people, 
I have heard them crying out!

The cry of these people inaugurates history. It kicks things into gear. It shakes things up and gets them moving. The cry is the catalyst, the cause, the reason that a new story unfolds.
Because God doesn’t just hear the cry, God does something about it. The entire book of Exodus is how God responds to the cry.

Think about your life. What are the moments that have shaped you the most? Whats paramount? What season of your life will you never forget? Was it when there was nothing left to do but cry out?

These peoples cry of desperation was the beginning of liberation from Egypt. It was the beginning of their journey home. Things had to change, and something new was happening because they cried out to God and He always hears.


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