Just don’t quit when it gets hard. #sentencesermons

jasper-guy-201670.jpgIn Acts 26, Paul is in front of the King. The King of the whole nation. He is about to tell him and all the people about Jesus, and the gospel of peace.

How did Paul get there? Did he call up the royal secretary and make an appointment?
Two years earlier he had been arrested on false charges in Jerusalem. At the time he got to give his testimony to the whole Jewish Sanhedrin, just like Jesus said he would—they will arrest you and this will be a time for testimony.

Then there was a plot against his life and so he was moved to Caesarea on the coast. This time he gave his testimony to Felix the Roman governor. After two years in prison in Caesarea, the new Roman governor Festus puts Paul before king Agrippa so they can hear what he has to say.

Now jail stinks. Especially back then. I’m sure there wasn’t Dish network and brownies. But because of that persecution, Paul got to tell so many influential people about who Jesus was.

I believe that God will use you too. If you embrace the persecution, he will set you up. You will find yourself in a position that you never dreamed possible. You will get to talk to people that you never would be able to. Just don’t quit when it gets hard.


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