Practice changing the way you think about people. #sentencesermons


We don’t have to convince people of the truth of the gospel; that’s God’s job. Our job is to genuinely love the people in our lives and share the experiences of life with them. One of those life experiences is our faith, so it should be a natural part of our relationships to share that with them as well.

Even the term “share our faith” describes the process. We’re not trying to force something on people that they don’t want; we’re sharing something that has changed our lives.

If I go to a restaurant and order a dessert that turns out to be amazing, I offer a bite to everyone at the table. I don’t force it on them but when they see my reaction, they generally want a taste. If it was positive, they’ll think about it for awhile, and they might decide to order it themselves on a future visit.

This is like our faith. Jesus is the best thing that ever happened to any of us! We can’t help but share that with the people we love.

If you struggle with sharing you faith in Christ because of fear, the solution for that is found in 1 John 4:18-19, “But perfect love drives out fear…” God is perfect love. Ask God to increase your love for people so that you care more about their eternal destiny more than your own comfort. Practice changing the way you think about people.

For a solid year of my life I prayed….God help me have a deep love for people and a deep conviction of sin. God began to show me how He viewed people. It was different than how I viewed them. Give it a try this week.


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