When the whole world is falling in on you, you’re not alone. #sentencesermons

The King is coming. We don’t know how or when or even what that will look like but “we know that, when He shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is” (1 John 3:2).

So here we are, if you are Christ follower, with this knowledge and understanding of what’s at stake. Here we are in this trivial world, for a maximum 100 years in view of eternity. With all this money and stuff that isn’t really ours anyway.

We get one chance, we get one crack. We are headed for the world championship, the game of all time. No re do’s. We have one today. We have one tomorrow. I take that back, we don’t even know if we have tomorrow.

Before we crack under the pressure, God isn’t asking us to fill up stadiums with people and yell at them until they understand eternity. He isn’t asking you to take a megaphone and scream the gospel on the corner.

He’s asking you to love the people He brings in your life. To love them on purpose. To love them with the great, deep, merciful love that God himself has loved you with.

To tell people that there is hope for the hopeless, and as the song by Third Day goes: 
There is rest for the weary.
There is mercy, there’s healing.
There’s grace, there’s forgiveness.
There’s love for a broken heart.
There’s strength to break addictions.
When the whole world is falling in on you, you’re not alone.

A Christ follower has the best message of all time. A life filled with purpose and significance. A life guaranteed to end in victory. Don’t keep it to yourself.


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